I will soon to be 55 years young. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I had also lived in Canada/US for eight years.  I have 13 years of  experience in international banking and 17 years in the legal field.  As for my experience in the CM industry, it is rather limited. I don’t pretend to be an expert in the industry. I just want to capitalise on my Chinese/international background and my business savvy 🙂 to make deals by bringing the buyers and sellers in China and their respective overseas counterparts together (like Alibaba).  I don’t think I can make a lot of money for doing this. Anyway, I just want to have fun and to kill time. I am just too young (or too poor) to retire and too old to be employed.

By way of background, in November 2008, Angel of AMRO Supply Inc, a New York based company, invited me to act as their consultant for developing their China business. AMRO is a leading provider of US products to companies, among others, in the CM industry worldwide. In the past nine months, I have travelled and visited CM plants in Shanghai, Taiwan, Beijing and Tianjian and the Hubei,  Fujian and Guangzhou provinces to promote the business of AMRO. I enjoyed every bit of it. During the period,  I  learned a lot about the CM business and knew a lot of key people in the industry, both the supplier and buyer sides.   I am also helping a number of  China manufacturers of CM machines and equipments to market their products overseas.

I am using the social medias (or simply known as blogs) as a platform to do my marketing job. I don’t know whether it would work or not.  That said, one thing for sure is that my blogs are unlikely to reach my audiences in China as blogs at Google, WordPress and Twitter are currently blocked there. To resolve this, I will soon work on a QQ blog, which is the most popular blog site in China.

I work at my home. Due to the time difference between Hong Kong and Europe/US, I often have to stay up late or overnight in order to communicate with clients overseas. It is like a 24 hours job. That is why I say my shop operates 24/7. Anyway, at my age I don’t need but a few hours  sleep a day.  It suits me perfectly.

If you have any CM related products to sell or buy, please let me know. I will respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Edmond Ho, the Canmaking man

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  1. Edmond,

    I have worked with Angel and Jim here in the states. Please visit our website and if we can assist you with our manufactured parts or service work for your clients please let us know.

    Thank you,

    Doug Meyer
    Operations Manager
    Beckon Worldwide, Inc.

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