AMRO SUPPLY INC. is the leading provider of U.S.A. products to Industrial Companies Worldwide. Our services are used in more than 50 countries by major companies, including: Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Seven-Up, and other Bottlers; Crown Cork & Seal, Continental Can, United Can and Ball Metal Can Makers. We also serve other major industries including Breweries, Pharmaceutical, Petro Chemical, Municipalities as well as many independent and small companies.

Our service provides a convenient and cost saving method of bringing the entire U.S.A. Market to your door. An AMRO Supply Inc. agent is assigned to your account to provide you with a U.S.A. purchasing office – with none of the expenses.

Your AMRO Supply Inc. agent Sources, Quotes, Purchases, Expedites, Consolidates, Inspects, Packs and Ships all items requested. Our volume purchasing and personal attention allows us to offer you very competitive pricing and the best service in the industry. Your request may consist of just one item from one company, or many items from many companies.

We supply all types of Production/ Processing Equipment and Replacement Parts from most U.S.A. manufacturers, plus specialty items used in Beverage, Food and Can Making production.

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